I am a woman, soon to become wife, with less and less opportunities to deny adulthood has arrived. I’ve wanted to blog for a few years now, and with all the blog reading I’ve done the past several months in trying to find some idea what this new life married to this wonderful Indian man might look like, I’ve finally found the guts to bring my own story to the mix. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all this reading it is that although many share a common theme, every experience is intensely unique. I hope those who visit will find a place to bond over the human conditions we all must face, as well as all the special messes we each call our own. Welcome to my first blog; I’m delighted to have you!

PS: The blog title alludes to a lifetime of friendly overshares from family, friends, and random strangers. I apparently look like a lady you can talk about your bowel movements with. To each their own!

  1. So, I got the link to your blog from another girl who’s in an intercultural relationship, (like myself), and I’m just curious as to where you’re from, how old you are, how long you were with your significant other before you met in person, etc. I have read all of your blog posts and found them very interesting because your story parallels mine, although we are going on two years and have yet to meet in person. He is in India, and I’m in the US. You can read my blog at midwestmeetsbangalore.wordpress.com

    I would love to hear more updates on your marriage and how the first few months went, since I will be going through the same thing shortly! šŸ™‚ Hope to hear more in the way of blog posts from you soon

  2. Hey Neo :-). I really need to get back on the blogging. Theres so much odd stuff to cover that I think I need to plan a series of them. I just don’t want everything to be a list, OR to do it when I am feeling frustrated lol. I am definitely going to go checkout your blog.
    To answer a few questions:
    -Uhm..that’s tricky because we talked for 6 months, but were only engaged for 2 before we married. And I only considered him my SO maybe about a week before he proposed. It was all VERY fast.

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