One month down…lifetime to go

5 weeks post marriage and I am finally coming back to you, dear blog. It’s been a whirlwind! Let’s pick-up right after where I left off…

On June 4th, 2011, K arrived. It was a 48 hour journey for him due to flight changes and delays. He actually almost made it here, was in the states, then got stuck in Vegas over night due to another missed flight. When he finally got here that Saturday morning, we were both relieved and exhausted.

I was so worried I would miss him at the airport and we’d be wondering around trying to find each other for hours. But I waited at the baggage terminal faithfully, and within minutes of my arrival I saw him come over the horizon up the escalator and reality rushed in. He looked like a school teacher or college professor. Long sleeve-button down, sweater tied around his shoulders, khakis and dress shoes. He definitely had quite a substantial presence. A calm sort of power, I guess.

As we hugged for the first time I felt such incredible relief. He was here. There was no kiss. I think we were both nervous in such a public place. And while he stepped forward to look for his bag, back turned to me, a moment of panic set in. Suddenly it struck me, “He’s so foreign!”, and I had a brief moment of thinking about leaving before I caught myself and put my thoughts back in order to face this new change. Within minutes we were out the door waiting for the bus back to the apartment. There was no going back.

The wait for the bus and the ride itself did a good job of relaxing us. We had a few moments of relative peace to settle down, talk, and lean against one another to become familiar. By the time we made it back to the apartment we were both much more relaxed and really just relieved to be home after the ordeal of travel. Once we entered the apartment and were finally alone, that is where we shared our first kiss. Can I recount the exact details? No. Partially because I was lost in the moment, and partially out of privacy. However, I will tell you this:

It was everything I could have wanted and hoped for. K is everything I could have wanted and hoped for.


About thepoopoostorylady

I am a woman, soon to become wife, with less and less opportunities to deny adulthood has arrived. I've wanted to blog for a few years now, and with all the blog reading I've done the past several months in trying to find some idea what this new life married to this wonderful Indian man might look like, I've finally found the guts to bring my own story to the mix. If there's one thing I've learned from all this reading it is that although many share a common theme, every experience is intensely unique. I hope those who visit will find a place to bond over the human conditions we all must face, as well as all the special messes we each call our own. Welcome to my first blog; I'm delighted to have you! PS: The blog title alludes to a lifetime of friendly overshares from family, friends, and random strangers. I apparently look like a lady you can talk about your bowel movements with. To each their own!

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  1. This reminds me of how nervous I was when I first met Rohit at the airport here in India. I was scared to look at him at first and then I was scared to let him out of my sight because I was in India and he was the only English speaking person I knew. His parents came to meet me..omg…it was good but I was a nervous wreck.

  2. I’m missing your posts :(.

  3. Aaaw thanks, Cris. Hopefully my return from Chaos will transmit into more new posts!

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