God I hope I don’t pass out!

My subconscious decided to give me a dream of the wedding ceremony last night.

We were standing next to the river, holding hands in front of the officiator who was speaking the, “Will you promise to love, respect , cherish, and obey each other as long as you both shall live?”. K went first, said his “I do”. Then it was my turn and as K placed the ring on my finger it felt like my chest was being squeezed. I couldn’t breathe and my eyes rolled back into my head. As I was about to faint backwards and the shocked voices around me faded into the distance, I woke up. Still feeling the clutching of my chest, panic started the day with, “Ohno, I’m going to pass out at the wedding!”.

Did any of you have anything crazy happen at your weddings?



About thepoopoostorylady

I am a woman, soon to become wife, with less and less opportunities to deny adulthood has arrived. I've wanted to blog for a few years now, and with all the blog reading I've done the past several months in trying to find some idea what this new life married to this wonderful Indian man might look like, I've finally found the guts to bring my own story to the mix. If there's one thing I've learned from all this reading it is that although many share a common theme, every experience is intensely unique. I hope those who visit will find a place to bond over the human conditions we all must face, as well as all the special messes we each call our own. Welcome to my first blog; I'm delighted to have you! PS: The blog title alludes to a lifetime of friendly overshares from family, friends, and random strangers. I apparently look like a lady you can talk about your bowel movements with. To each their own!

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  1. So you’re planning an American style wedding? Lol. We had a Hindu wedding and I was too busy trying to figure out what the pandit was saying to focus on how I was doing. I messed up a lot but no one cared lol.

    • Oh, I don’t think my wedding has much of a style besides “poor folks” lol. We’re Christian, though, so the rituals are at least common for us. Is there stuff you have to say or just a lot of symbolic movements? I can never tell in the videos I see.

  2. Nothing too crazy happened at either wedding… except my phone started ringing. No one ever calls me and quite frankly, I thought all my friends were AT the wedding. When the Justice of the Peace began speaking we heard a phone go off. It was a casual ceremony in a restaurant so I wasn’t too bridezilla-ish but I was like..what the heck? Turn off your phone! When it didn’t turn off and I heard no one say “oops, excuse me” I realized what had happened. SOMEONE (who knows who the heck it was!) decided to call me just at that moment~ It was my stupid phone going off.. needless to say I started to get flushed in the face from embarrassment as my girlfriends threw me under the bus in front of my 26 friends/family. Comic relief perhaps, but I still would have preferred NOT to hear the phone ring when watching the wedding video!

  3. I had to say something. I think it was (possibly) the equivalent of Amen. I also had to build a fire, piece by piece as the pandit recited verses in sanskrit. I found it quite interesting.

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