Sunday Morning Surprise

Weekend mornings were, and still are my most favorite time to sit and talk. It’s such an enjoyable way to wake-up, and leaves me with a smile for the rest of the day. Sunday, April 10th was one of the best…

As was becoming my habit, I’d wake up around 10am, look at the clock, and calculate what time it would be in Bangalore. Then I’d stretch, roll over, burrow further down into the covers, and dial K’s cell. Sometimes he would be still wrapping up the day, but today was a special treat as he had come to bed early. So we both lay in our beds, 12,000 miles apart, having our version of pillow talk.

I asked him to teach me some words and phrases in Malayalam, which is spoken at home (family is originally from Kerala). Well, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! He’d say a word or a short phrase and I would struggle and struggle through it finally giving in to the fact that this just can’t be learned over the phone. It is going to have to be in person. So we talked and laughed and talked about family and such.

Then, he says, “Hey, Noelley…” paused, and said something in another language. After he said it I asked him, “What?” So he repeated in English. “Will you marry me, Noelley?”. Dead stop. I lost the ability to speak. So he asks again, in a different language this time, then repeats in English, “Will you marry me, Noelley?” I’m still stuck completely still and soundless. So he asks yet again, in a third language this time, then in English, “Will you marry me, Noelley? I have asked you first in Malayalam, then Tamil, and Hindi, and English. So will you marry me, Noelley?” I shook my head slowly, stunned, and with my heart in my throat answered, “Yes. Yes, I will marry you, K.”

We had spoken about it before. He had told me that he would have asked months ago if I had been paying attention and there wasn’t anyone else at the time. But I definitely wasn’t expecting it now. I had just started to wonder when it will be, but didn’t feel like pressing. I was simply enjoying this bond we were building and discovering. K had other plans, though. He knew from the very first that I was his, and even told mum way back then lol.

I’m still amazed. Thankful. Grateful. Left in awe by how humble and good K and his family who have accepted me from the beginning are. Sometimes I wonder if I should let them know exactly how much they have me :-).



About thepoopoostorylady

I am a woman, soon to become wife, with less and less opportunities to deny adulthood has arrived. I've wanted to blog for a few years now, and with all the blog reading I've done the past several months in trying to find some idea what this new life married to this wonderful Indian man might look like, I've finally found the guts to bring my own story to the mix. If there's one thing I've learned from all this reading it is that although many share a common theme, every experience is intensely unique. I hope those who visit will find a place to bond over the human conditions we all must face, as well as all the special messes we each call our own. Welcome to my first blog; I'm delighted to have you! PS: The blog title alludes to a lifetime of friendly overshares from family, friends, and random strangers. I apparently look like a lady you can talk about your bowel movements with. To each their own!

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